Katenta won 24 games this season as a member of the Hawks' women's tennis team

April 26, 2012

Five questions with Anna Katenta

1. If you had one wish for anything in the world, what would it be?

I would wish for a do over button. There are so many memories that I would want to relive again and a few situations that I would handle differently now that I'm older.

2. Tell Hawk fans something about yourself that they normally would not know.

I really like mushrooms. They are my favorite vegetable.

3. What is currently in your iPod?

Amy Winehouse, I play her daily. A lot of Kanye and a lot of Glee.

4. What is your biggest motivation?

Getting a PhD in the biomedical sciences is what motivates me the most.

5. Why UMES?

I chose UMES because I wanted to attend a university where  I could get personal attention academically and athletically.

Thank you Anna, good luck in the rest of your time at UMES.

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