Oct. 25, 2011

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. --With Domestic Violence Awareness month being in October, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Bowling Team spent Saturday morning cleaning and organizing storage space at the Life Crisis Center. Head coach Sharon Brummell, six of her bowlers and her mother joined with two staff members to separate and organize clothes, package donations, clean the storage space, and discard trash and unusable items.

It is uncommon for student-athletes to begin their weekend mornings before noon when it does not involve a game or practice, but the Hawks came early and ready to help. "This was my first time doing anything like this," said first-year bowler Victoria Jones. Given the early start and the amount of organizing needed, the team had a fairly common mindset in the end. "I am glad we did this," said Jones.

As you would imagine a coach to do, coach Brummell assessed the amount of work needed prior to starting, but before she could direct anyone to do any one particular task her team was removing items from the storage unit and placing them on the grass throughout the yard. While some players moved items, student-athletes Mariana Alvarado and Valentina Collazos discussed what items would be placed where. T'nia Falbo swept to start the day, but later joined in on folding and packaging clothes. She was also the destroyer of all insects that pestered the team.

Teammates Megan Buja, Jones and Tatiana Munoz worked with the staff members to determine what was needed and where to put things. After an hour or so of moving items outside, there were a lot of items; the team got together to repackage clothing for toddlers and little children as well as adults.

With everyone having done their part removing items and sorting them as needed, it was time to move more than 10 piles of distributed clothing, toys, furniture and donated toiletries back into the shed. Again Alvarado and Collazos took charge of where to put things while Buja, Falbo, Jones and Munoz grabbed items to place back inside.



"The group was such a great help," said one of the staff members. In a little less than an hour the team had placed the numerous donations back into the shed, including a little rocking toy that Collazos took a liking towards. Considering the job that was done and appreciation for the Hawks help, they were later invited back to play with the kids that sometimes find shelter at the Center, and help decorate during the holiday season.

Statistics state that 115 children are abused every hour, a woman is beaten every 12 seconds, a man is beaten is every 38 seconds, and 65 percent of children in abusive homes repeat the behavior as an adult. Services are available to those that may be a victim of domestic violence or child abuse.

To contact the Life Crisis Center, call (410) 749-HELP, or find more information at the National Domestic Violence Hotline at, or by calling 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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