Mariana Alvarado (left) and Tatiana Munoz (right) both qualified as two of the top ten bowlers in the country.

April 15, 2014

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RENO, Nev. - While it wasn't the result they were hoping for, University of Maryland Eastern Shore's (UMES) Women Bowlers Mariana Alvarado and Tatiana Munoz bowled Monday in the XBowling Intercollegiate Singles Championships. The pair qualified after eight games in eighth and ninth place respectively in the field of 16 women at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. They would be eliminated in the bracket round later in the day with Munoz going out in the first round and Alvarado just one round later.

Ironically, they were both eliminated by the same person, Wichita State's Heather Melvin.

At one point in the competition Munoz was as low as 16th, opening game one with a 145. She was one of the few bowlers to get better as they went along, shooting a 191, 195, 180, 205, 209, 215 and 207 over the next seven games.

Alvarado was just slightly better. At one point she climbed up sixth place. She shot qualifying games of 193, 204, 184, a tough 158, 213, 202, 215 and 180.

Game seven was the best to both of the juniors, both shooting 215.

The day started at 8:00 a.m. (PT) with each of the women bowling the eight games. After that they were seeded into a bracket based on total pin fall. The top four qualifiers received a two-round bye while the top eight, which included Alvarado, earned a one round bye.

Munoz, just missed a bye with a ninth place finish. The good news for her is that she drew the 16th seeded qualifier. Bad news, it was Melvin. Melvin, not only got hot eliminating Munoz, but would then eliminate Alvarado. She wasn't done. She then eliminated Faireleigh Dickinson's Danielle McEwan, last year's NTCA Player of the Year and the No. 1 overall seed. That meant Melvin, came all the way from the 16th seed to the final four, which will be bowled Friday and recorded for television broadcast in May on CBS Sports.

Melvin will be joined in the semifinals by teammate Tannya Roumimper, Nebraska's Elise Bolton and Webber International's Diana Zavjalova.

All of the matches were three games and decided by total pinfall.

In Alvarado's final match she shot a 203, 265 and a 178. While she trailed after game one to Melvin's 245 by 42 pins, she caught up a little after game two. Alvarado's 265 should have made up the margin somewhat but Melvin shot a 257, allowing Alvarado to only make up eight pins. Her high score came from a four-bagger and five strikes in a row at another point with just two spares. She would need 35 more pins in game three. Melvin however stayed hot, shooting a 232 and adding to her lead to win by 88 pins, 734-646.

Munoz faired a little better in round one, falling by 54 pins, 601-547. Munoz fell behind in game one as well, 219-187. Trailing by 32 pins she would shoot a 170 in game two but Melvin would tally a 196 and extend her lead by 58 pins, 415-357. Game three went to Munoz 190-186, trimming the lead by four pins. It would have been more but Melvin rattled off four strikes at the end to add 60 pins to her total.

Had Munoz won, she would have had to bowl her teammate Alvarado in the second round.

"It was a great effort by both of these young women," said their head coach Kayla Bandy. "I am proud of their effort to not only get here, but to compete at such a high level. I think they learned a lot from the lanes and learned a lot about how to make progressions and reads on their own without a coach helping them through it. As they have all year, they represented UMES well."

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At Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, Nev.
Monday's results:

Heather Melvin, Wichita State def. Tatiana Munoz, Maryland Eastern Shore, 601-547
Makayla Douglas, Lindenwood def. Jaymi Watson, Wisconsin-Whitewater, 613-553
Samantha Johnson, Lindenwood def. Amanda Van Duyn, Wisconsin-Whitewater, 622-499
Alexis Ijams, Wichita State def. Katherine Kleinmaier, Wisconsin-Whitewater, 627-620

Melvin def. Mariana Alvarado, Maryland Eastern Shore, 734-646
Tannya Roumimper, Wichita State def. Douglas, 668-598
Johnson def. Jackie Carbonetto, Robert Morris-Ill., 648-605
Ijams def. Chelsey Stephens, Campbellsville, 613-580

Melvin def. Danielle McEwan, Fairleigh Dickinson, 736-724
Roumimper def. Kelsey Muther, Wichita State, 679-656
Elise Bolton, Nebraska def. Johnson, 603-583
Diana Zavjalova, Webber International def. Ijams, 627-626

(Matches take place Friday at 3 p.m. Pacific; winners meet for the title)
Melvin vs. Roumimper
Bolton vs. Zavjalova



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