Martha Perez

Feb. 29, 2012

Before coming to UMES and joining the Women's Bowling team, I did not think being a student-athlete was anything special. Most people would not even agree I was a real athlete, or that bowling is a real sport.

Whether we participate in bowling, soccer, football, or basketball, us athletes have things in common. We all develop special and unique skills that are harder for non-athletes to develop, and it gives us an advantage when we enter the workforce once our eligibility is over. Without even knowing it, every day we are developing essential skills for the workplace, such as time management, determination, character, handling adversity, and going above and beyond, all to achieve our goals.

If we are successful in transferring these skills from the court or field to the workplace, we are unstoppable! Companies are constantly looking for individuals with these skills and characteristics to be leaders and great assets to their companies.

Since only about one percent of college student-athletes move to become professional athletes after they graduate, Career Athletes is a company that focuses on career development services for current and former student-athletes of its many college and university partners. It is the perfect place to get some help when we are about to leave the comforts of our full-time job as college athletes and enter the workplace. It provides feedback on resumes and cover letters, gives tips for interviews, and gives us a place to network. Career Athletes is the premium destination to connect with other current or alumni athletes, members of our athletic department, and businesses. Those companies are looking to hire people with the skills we all developed as student-athletes.

All of these benefits are only a few steps away from us. Creating a Career Athletes account is very easy and free. Just go to and once you click "Join Today" it will give you different options to register. Whether you are a current or alumni athlete, mentor, athletic administrator, individual recruiter, or employer, you can benefit from their service. Once this is done, you can begin networking and taking advantage of all the benefits right away. Over the next two months, I will be publishing two more articles that explain in more detail the benefits of Career Athletes, specifically, how having a full or complete profile helps, how to get one, and the uses of the Career Athletes Resource Center.



If at any point you need help with your Career Athletes account, or have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me at

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