Gonzalez has won back-to-back UMES Scholar Athlete of the Year awards

March 1, 2012

Five Questions with Karim Gonzalez:

1.      What is currently in your iPod?

749 The Beatles songs. I have another 2,000 plus songs, including rock, classical, pop, Spanish and movies/videogames soundtracks. The only things not in it are reggaeton and hip-hop/rap.

2.      Why UMES?

I really wanted to play Division I baseball. UMES offered me the best scholarship and support to do so. It has the major that I wanted and I received the offer at the perfect time during which I was looking for a school.

3.      The key to success is ...

To embrace imperfection while focusing all your efforts and energies in the process of progressing and not in the results.

4.      What is your biggest motivation in life?

To leave a legacy and achievements, so I will always be remembered not only by my close ones, but also by all of humankind.

5.      Tell Hawk fans something about yourself that they normally would not know about you.

I don't watch movies or series, I play video games. I hate soccer. I NEVER go to bed before 12 and have played baseball for 19 years non-stop. I don't drink at all, anything, never.

Thank you Karim, good luck with the rest of your season.

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