Vilas is a member of the Dominican Republic Army

March 16, 2012

Five Questions with Paula Vilas:

1.       Why UMES?
Because UMES gives me the chance to play the sport that I love at the same time that I'm getting my degree.

2.       What is currently in your iPod?
Spanish music, techno and reggae

3.       What makes you different?
The way I talk to people and let them in without even knowing them. I keep an open mind in everything that I do. I see opportunities and go after them. I am a very determined person and always get what I want. 

4.       The key to success is ...
Hard work

5.       Tell Hawk fans something about yourself that they normally would not know about you.
I don't have enough hours during the day to do everything that I need to get done. Despite this, I get it done so I might have some magic hiding in me.

Thank you, Paula. Good luck with the rest of your season.

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